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My Platform

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  • Creating a government that works for you. 

    • I will continue the work to reform our South Carolina state government because I believe in creating a government that works for you. An efficient and effective state government is one that represents its people. In office, I will be transparent, communicative, available and always open to ideas, criticism, and recommendations from the people I represent.

  • Lowering Taxes

    • South Carolina already enjoys lower taxes than neighboring states, but that does not mean our work is done. I believe that you know how to spend your money better than the government does, which is why I will fight to lower your taxes and ensure you keep more of your money in your pocket. 

  • Enforcing and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights

    • The 2nd Amendment is one of the most important and fundamental rights afforded to us in our Constitution. I will work to uphold, protect, and strengthen the right to bare arms in South Carolina. 

  • Improving our roads and infrastructure to accommodate our growing populations

    • I believe South Carolina is the greatest state of all. And apparently, so does everybody else. In recent decades, our state population has grown exponentially and our current infrastructure has not kept pace. I will work to bring our fair share of tax dollars back to District 65 to fix, expand, and support our roads and infrastructure. 

  • Bringing economic development to South Carolina to create new jobs and opportunities

    • I will work hard to provide incentives that entice industries and companies to make South Carolina their home. This will boost our economy and bring new jobs to our state. 

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